We love to help our clients with their residential drains & sewers!

We offer over 28 years of experience to our customers!

St. Louis Sewer & Drain Cleaning Services is a locally veteran family owned and operated company. It was founded by Tony Shuster, a United States Air Force Veteran, back in 2006 after working in the field for residential and commercial companies while mastering his skill. His entrepreneurial desire and passion for service led him to starting his own business. We can now offer 28+ years of experience to our customers!

What to Expect?

  • Friendly Customer Service in a timely manner
  • Integrity by all of our Employees
  • Knowledge & Experience
  • Notification Call when in Route
  • Safety is a priority - we send a text message with link to photo of your Technician
  • Receipts and Reports are emailed from the job site
  • Explanation of Problem & Recommendation for Solution
  • Referral if possible for another Expert when out of our scope of services
  • Vehicles to be outfitted with necessary equipment to perform services
  • Receipt with description of services performed and cost listed
  • Detailed reports for sewer lateral inspections if needed
  • Payment is due at time of service
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We think of your home as ours!

It's not unusual for you to work with one of our family members during your customer experience. Because we are working in a customer's home, safety is crucial. All service technicians are drug tested and a thorough background check is performed on our employees.

Help, my drain is backed up! When can you get here?

We truly understand the impact of a sewer or drain problem - after all they all feel like emergencies when it's happening to you. We pride ourselves on focusing on you and the needs of your family. Sewer and drain problems are very disruptive to daily life and we know our services can help you and your family get your life back to normal. We make every attempt to schedule you as soon as possible. Mainline drain backups take a priority as they are the core of the sewer and drain system of your home and we want to get things back to normal as quickly as possible.

We take Client Service seriously!

Because customer service is the cornerstone of our business, we take time with our customers to help them understand the problem, make a recommendation and resolve the issue if it is within our scope of expertise. If not, we then work to make a recommendation to another expert that we trust our customers with.

Friendly customer service from the time you make the call to the time our service technician completes the service call at your home. When calling to schedule an appointment, we work our best to schedule a timely appointment for you. Please keep in mind, during rainy periods, extremely cold weather and other times we can experience high volume, however, we will do our very best to service you as quickly as possible.

A Company you can Trust!

St. Louis Sewer and Drain Cleaning Services was built on honesty and integrity and this is a cornerstone of all our employees. We want you to know that working with us is a safe company that you can trust and feel good about referring your family and friends to us.

Our service technicians have been trained by our "Senior" Technician, Tony, also the founder of our organization. Our technicians should provide our customers with a Notification Call 20-30 minutes in advance to confirm they are in route to your home. As long as you confirm that you are available our service technicians will arrive at your home.

Please note, even though you may have a scheduled appointment, our techs will not automatically arrive at your home unless you confirm you are there when they call.

We Love to Educate our Clients!

We pride ourselves in the education department. When it comes to customer service, we want to provide our customers with knowledge so that you can make an educated decision when using our services.

Because we've been in the business for some time, we've formed solid working relationships with other experts. When we have an issue outside of our area of expertise we can recommend someone we know and trust to our clients. We call those working relationships for the benefit of our customers we are always meeting and working with other experts to add value to your experience with St. Louis Sewer & Drain Cleaning Services.

We are Professionals!

Our vehicles are clearly marked with signage so it's easy to identify when one of our Service Technicians arrive - along with Company T-Shirts and business cards for identification. When you schedule an appointment, we'll text you a confirmation text or email with a link to a photo of your technician. We want you to know who your technician is before he arrives. Our company work vehicles are outfitted with the majority of equipment necessary for most services offered.

Payment is due at the time of service. Our technicians will provide customers with detailed (if possible) descriptions of services and issues in the receipt that we email directly to you. If you are having a sewer lateral inspection, then you can expect a detailed report along with a digital copy/link of the actual video and a type written report to be emailed to you the either the same or following day. If you need us to email the reports to multiple people, we can do that too!

St Louis Sewer & Drain service area map showing St Charles county, St. Louis county, St Louis city, and Arnold in Jefferson county

Service Areas:
St. Louis City, St. Louis County, St. Charles County, portions of Jefferson County, Troy, MO, Warrenton, MO

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Who We Work With

We have proudly worked with several companies in the St. Louis area!

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