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At St. Louis Sewer & Drain Cleaning Services we understand the challenges of managing commercial properties and the emergencies that unfortunately arise. Sewer backups or drain issues can lead to expensive damage and repairs setting profits back. Having a dependable and knowledgeable sewer and drain company you can count on is everything!

We have experience working with property managers, facility managers and engineering staff, contractors, landlords, investors and more. Whether you have a warehouse, hospital, hotel, strip mall, apartment buildings or retail store and need our services, give us a call. If your job is out of our area of services we will let you know and look for another expert that we trust to handle your job.

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Cabling Services:

We keep the equipment necessary to properly cable on our work vehicles - whether it's a hand sink, toilet or mainline we have the large cable machines to the hand augers on board and the in between cable machine to snake the line. We have the various equipment on board to get the job done!


Overtime some lateral lines can experience buildup of soaps, grease, foreign objects and more that can cause the line not to flow properly. By using high pressure water much like a power washer for your sewer line, we can flush or hydro jet the line to remove the buildup and alleviate the problem. Sometimes this may require another service call to bring in large equipment to open up the line that will allow the water to begin flowing again.

Maintenance Plans:

If you are a proactive manager of your property and are interested in preventing future costly services due to clogs, slow drains or other sewer issues, give us a call to develop a custom maintenance plan for your buildings and properties. Whether you're looking for a quarterly or annual plan or something in between let us work with you and your budget to make it happen.

Have minor issues that you can't manage hands on since you are located out of area? If we can help, we will! Why we've even replaced grate covers for some commercial property managers who were out of state to alleviate a chronic sewer drain backup out in the parking lot!

Sewer Lateral Inspections:

There are several reasons a sewer scope could benefit commercial properties. If your commercial property is experiencing an unknown or chronic sewer and drain problem then chances are you could benefit from a lateral inspection to determine the root cause.

Secondly, before you purchase your next commercial property, you should seriously consider a sewer lateral inspection. Think of it as part of the building inspection with the understanding that it's best to really know or "see" what the condition of your main lateral is before you buy. Repair costs for some main laterals depending upon the location of the break or collapse can cost thousands of dollars.

Lastly, if your building is undergoing construction, it may be necessary to review the condition of the main line prior to continuing with any further construction plans. If you are relocating plumbing lines you may need a Sewer Lateral Inspection or Sewer Scope performed. In addition, you may require a line location prior to completing construction to determine next steps.

Line Locations:

If we perform a camera inspection and find an issue, a line location might be necessary to "mark the spot/location" of the issue for repair. The line location is a separate piece of equipment used to detect the camera head in the main lateral to locate the problem area for a repair. We do not perform any repairs but can refer a plumbing partner that we trust to you.

  • Kitchen Sinks/lines
  • Shower & Bath Drains
  • Sewer Lateral Camera
  • Inspections/Sewer Scopes
  • Hand sinks
  • Toilets
  • Main Line Drains
  • Floor Drains
  • Laundry Lines
  • Basement Drains
    And More!
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