St. Louis Sewer and Drain Cleaning Services offers 25 years of professional experience in sewer & drain cleaning services that you can trust.

Meet our family! Tony and Susan Shuster are a family and veteran owned business with over 25 years of experience in Sewer and Drain Cleaning services.

Tony Shuster

Tony has been compelled to work in the service industry after 6 years serving our Country in the military. When he exited his service time, he knew he wanted to continue to serve others. Shortly thereafter, he found sewer and drain cleaning and quickly became passionate about this work partly, because it included a way to continue to serve his community.

Tony’s professional background includes sewer and drain cleaning, sewer lateral repairs, and working for a commercial sewer lining organization prior to taking the leap to becoming a small business owner. Tony is not a plumber and does not make repairs, he is a Sewer Lateral Specialist with a passion for educating his clients on their homes drain systems and the causes of issues they may face when he arrives. Tony believes in providing service for a fair and competitive price while providing work in an ethical manner.

Susan Shuster

Susan joined Tony in the business after their son was severely injured in Iraq while serving in the United States Army. She has brought her entrepreneurial experience after working in social work and for several start-up small businesses for many years including one of her own and as one as a teenager with her family. She brings her sales and marketing experience to the business and assists in day to day operations with Tony. Susan’s customer eccentric attitude is just another aspect she brings to the business.