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St. Louis Sewer and Drain Cleaning Services offers 28 years of professional experience in sewer & drain cleaning services that you can trust.

As a realtor your client's trust in you is everything in the success of your business. Look no further for your next Sewer Lateral Inspector partner!

Need a Sewer Lateral Partner that makes your scheduling, payment and client experience easy and professional? Look no further! We're here to make you look GREAT!

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We cable the sewer line to clear obstructions or alleviate slow drains

We keep the equipment necessary to properly cable on our work vehicles – whether it’s a hand sink, toilet or mainline we have the large cable machines to the hand augers on board and the in between cable machine to snake the line. We have the various equipment on board to get the job done!

St Louis Sewer & Drain owner, Tony, performing a Sewer Lateral Inspection with a camera in a client's basement


We use a fiber optic video camera in your main sewer line to help view obstructions, breaks, or potential causes for your drain issues.

If you are in the market for a new home then you should strongly consider having a Sewer Lateral Camera Inspection performed of your main sewer line. Our trained professional technicians will perform a thorough inspection to locate any potential problems before you purchase your home. The inspection takes the guess work out of any additional unforeseen plumbing repairs and costly expenses before purchase.

Line location tool being held in one hand


We use a device that works with the video camera to pinpoint or determine the location of a problem in the sewer line. This location will be marked for the plumber to make necessary repairs.

If we perform a camera inspection and find an issue, a line location might be necessary to “mark the spot/location” of the issue for repair. The line location is a separate piece of equipment used to detect the camera head in the main lateral to locate the problem area for a repair. We do not perform any repairs but can refer a plumbing partner that we trust to you.

graphic of the hydro scour jetting tool cleaning a pipe


We use a head on the end of our cable that allows high pressure water to clear out sludge in your sewer line.

Overtime some lateral lines can experience buildup of soaps, grease, foreign objects and more that can cause the line not to flow properly. By using high pressure water much like a power washer for your sewer line, we can flush or hydro jet the line to remove the buildup and alleviate the problem. Sometimes this may require another service call to bring in large equipment to open up the line that will allow the water to begin flowing again.

Types of property that we work on!

Sewer backups or clogged drain issues can lead to expensive damage and repairs. Having a dependable and knowledgeable sewer and drain company you can count on is everything!

Sewer and plumbing problems are very disruptive to daily life and we know our services can help you and your family get your life back to normal.

Owner, Tony Shuster, and his wife Susan Shuster

Who We Are

St. Louis Sewer & Drain Cleaning Services, LLC offers over 28 years of professional experience in sewer & drain cleaning services that you can trust. We are licensed, bonded and insured. We're a veteran family owned & operated company.

With St. Louis Sewer & Drain Cleaning Services, quality matters and that's why we pride ourselves on being professional, friendly, and customer-centric while providing customers with education and great customer service! ALL employees are background checked and drug tested.